Professional, Confidential Sale of Your Numismatic Holdings

The chances are you didn't acquire your coin collection in a single purchase, but over a period of time. So why sell your coins to a single buyer all at once. Let me represent you and sell your collection for you by breaking it up and offering it piece by piece to the strongest buyers in the market. I can sell your bullion, modern, or stock material quickly at full market. But your individual, important coins and sets deserve individual, special, attention.

In order to maximize the proceeds you receive for your collection I will sell your individual coins to the most appropriate buyers across the country. In certain cases specific coins are best sold at auction. Periodically, during the year, I pool and consign clients' coins to prestigious auctions, and will include your coins if appropriate.

In any combination of the above, the sale of your valuable collection will be handled professionally and in complete confidentiality. I have sold private collections and estate collections successfully in this manner for over 36 years. Client references available.

Phil Kaufman Rare Coins

Wilmington, North Carolina
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